Our Manufacturer - Designer Safes

Since 1973, Sun Safes has earned a reputation for exceeding customer expectations in terms of both, quality and service with its Eaglesafes product line.

Being a leader in the Korea safes market and boasting a network of over 100 partners worldwide, Sun Safes has brought forth numerous technological innovations and continues to push the boundariesof what customers can expect from safes.

Staying true to its role as an innovator in the industry, Sun Safes has created the all new LuCell product line, which introduces the ' interior design safes'.

Combining proven quality and state-of-the-art technology with sleek and elegance design, LuCell is the best choice to keep your valueables safe in style.
Our Manufacturer - Samsung Ezon

We are committed in bringing you cutting-edge technology at incredibly competitive prices for your luxurious living space, and provide you with the best after-sales service.

The Samsung Digital Door Lock includes a variety of products which are suited to consumers' needs by providing home security, convenience and aesthetic satisfaction, and as such, the product is recognized by consumers both domestically and abroad.

The Samsung Digital Door Lock has an Intrusion Alarm function and the advanced security feature sounds the alarm and unlocks the door at the same time. The products also have convenient features that lock themselves automatically when closed, unlock when contacted by the key, and can be opened even if the smart card is in a wallet.

In addition, the Samsung Digital Door Locks aesthetic appeal won the World iF Design Award and Reddot Design Award.

The products are distinguished from other products in design by using the same materials used in the latest advanced IT equipment.